What is the difference among different 600W Quantum Board Grow Lights with White, Red, IR, UV LEDs ?

SuperLED Quantum Board series LED Growth Lamp is made up of a square light plate, power supply and controllers, more energy efficient than the traditional MH or HPS ones, which can provide 1-10V dimming or knob dimming to adjust different lights for full cycle growth and all growth stages of plants.

Product Name: Quantum LED Plant Grow Light Board
Input Wattage: 240W, 120W, 240W, 320W, 480W, 600W etc
PPF Light output: 552µmol/s
PAR Efficacy: 2.5µmol/J
Input Voltage: AC100-277V
Light Source: Samsung Warm White, OS-RAMs 660nm LEDs
Dimming: 0-10V Dimming
Power Factor: above 0.95
Warranty: 3 years
IP Rating: IP54 rated
Ambient Temperature: -10 ~ 40 degree
Dimensions/Weight: 23.6" L x 9.5" W x 2.2" H | 12.7lb

Indoor Quantum LED Plant Growing Lights 240 Watts DIY Kit Samsung LM301H LM301B mix Red 660nm 240w LED Grow Lighting Board Dimmable SMD3030 Hydroponics Panel Lamps for planting of Vegetables, Flowers, Medicinal materials, hydroponic Greenhouse, Herb, Hemp plants

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