What plants are plant lamps mainly used to grow?
There are three points to be determined when using LED plant lamps: first, plants need to fill light; two is plants that deserve light; three, plants are suitable for LED plant growth lights. Needless to say, almost all plants need light to participate in photosynthesis, that is, almost all plants can use LED plant lights to supplement light; Plants deserve light supplement, which requires that plants themselves have high value or high value in the future, that is to engage in scientific research; Suitable for the use of LED plant lamps is mainly clustered dwarf plants, if it is like tall yew plants such as adults, it is not very suitable for LED plant growth lights to fill up the light, of course, if used to cultivate seedlings is also a good choice.
Current applications:
(1) Scientific research: polyploid plant research, plant gene mutation research, plant growth parameter index research;
(2) Drug planting: plant rare dwarf pearl medicinal materials with LED plant lights. Many medicinal materials have very strict requirements for growth conditions. If all growth environments can be manually controlled, maybe hospital fees will be reduced year by year. Ginseng snow lotus is no longer just a luxury in supplements. It mainly grows medicinal materials such as Dendrobium candidum, Tianshan snow lotus, ginseng, Polygonum multiflorum and poria cocos, Panax notoginseng, Da Ma, etc;
(3) landscape planting: whether in the office or at home, most people will grow several plants. For some plants that are more strict with light, it is necessary to use LED plant growth lights, such as coral (animal), rainbow jade, Huang Li, and so on.
The technology of LED plant lamp is developing rapidly, and the production technology is becoming more and more mature. I believe the price will be gradually close to the people.
Future applications:
Vegetable planting: lettuce, cabbage, lettuce
Flower planting: orchid, hyacinth, Rhododendron, Platycodon grandiflorum
Melon and fruit planting: cucumber, watermelon, pumpkin

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