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3 flaps LED folding bulb

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color warm white

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3 flaps LED folding bulb
warm white
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LED folding bulb introduction

LED folding bulbs are made of high-performance environmentally friendly materials, with a novel structure and beautiful appearance. Energy-saving and environmentally friendly, it contains no mercury, no electromagnetic radiation, uniform brightness and easy installation. It is an ideal choice to replace traditional incandescent lamps and metal halide lamps.

 The relevant parameters

[product name]

3 flaps LED folding bulb

[product power]


[lamp model]


[rated voltage]

AC85-250V 50HZ/60HZ


Fully open:∮330*120mm

[power factor]




[Light effect






The characteristics of LED folding bulbs

   1. The outer casing has good heat dissipation effect, high temperature resistance and good anti-seismic effect.

   2. using SMD2835 lamp beads as a light source, low energy consumption, low heat, long service life of 30000H

   3. the light is soft, the luminous efficiency is high, that is, the light is on, no flicker, no light spots, effectively protecting the eyes.

   4. strong illumination, good color rendering, can replace the traditional traditional lamps above 200W.

   5. the working voltage is AC85-265V, there are a variety of color temperatures to choose from.

   6. no heat radiation, no harmful metal mercury, green and environmental protection.

The product range

Products are widely used in brand stores, shopping malls, hotels, hotels, office buildings and home lighting.

Installation instructions

The lamp holder of the LED folding bulb adopts the E27 interface mode, which is convenient to install, and the product can be directly screwed clockwise to the base. Note: (This lamp is easy to use, regardless of the neutral line and the live line, can be connected to the voltage of 220V).

Matters needing attention

   1. Please read the product specification carefully to confirm whether the environment is in compliance with the conditions on the specification;

   2. Turn off the power before installing the product to prevent electric shock;

   3. Try to avoid touching the surface of the lamp with your hand after the lamp is lit;

   4. This product is for indoor use only, please pay attention to waterproof when using outdoors;

   5. Do not force the light-transmissive cover of the lamp during installation to avoid damage to the lamp and scratching the finger;

   6. the product should be avoided in the heat source and hot steam, corrosive gas, so as not to affect the life;

   7. the product uses high voltage (85-265V) power supply, it is not suitable to work in frequent power off state, it will affect its life;

   8. not applicable to the dimming circuit;

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