90W Led Aquarium Light Reef Tank Saltwater Lamp Coral Reef Growing Seawater Marine

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90W Led Aquarium Light Reef Tank Saltwater Lamp
Application: Reef Coral, SPS LPS, Soft Coral, Hard Coral
Fixure: LID
Width: 12cm x 12cm x 5.5cm
Power: 90W
Water Type: Marine, Saltwater
Color: White
Wattage: 90W (Each Panel)
Feature: Highest PAR, Full Spectrum, Smart Fan
PAR: 720 PAR@25CM
Luminum: 8400 Lm
Channels: 4 channels with 1% dimmable
Simulation: Sunrise_set, 4 Seasons, Lunar Cycle, Moon
Smart Mode: Slow Acclimation, Fast Growth, Vivid Color, Coral Fragging
Program Mode: 8 Time Point In Each Channels do own Setting
Adapter: AC 100-265 V Wordwide Suitable
Plug: EU/US/UK/AU, send base on country. (EU plug for Brazil when no note)

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