Motion Sensor Light Wireless LED Night Light USB Rechargeable Night Lamp For Kitchen Cabinet Wardrobe Lamp Staircase Backlight

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Emitting Color: 30cm-20LED
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  • 1. The induction lamp works only in dark conditions,so basically it will not light up under bright nght
  • 2. The lamp beads are LED, and the corresponding styles are different, and the number of lamp beads is different.
  • 3. The fixing method is magnetic suction type. Peel off the adhesive on the back of the magnet in the package and stick it on the wall or cabinet. The induction lamp can be sucked on the magnet. Easy to pick and place
  • 4. There are two forms of constant light and induction. Press the switch once to be constant light, the second time it is induction, press the switch again to turn off

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