Outdoor Lighting

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Outdoor Lighting

Outdoor lighting other than road lighting. Outdoor lighting requirements to meet the needs of outdoor visual work and achieve decorative effect

Outdoor lighting can be roughly divided into three categories.
The lighting of industrial transportation site includes the lighting of wharf, railway station, freight yard, loading and unloading station, airport, warehouse area, public works and construction site to ensure safe and effective work at night.
In terms of light distribution, there are two types of industrial traffic sites requiring lighting:
One is to install the chandelier with better lighting function in the field with good horizontal illumination, and its installation principle requires the installation principle of lighting device in the field with horizontal (plane) illumination.
The other is to install floodlights on columns or towers with large spacing (see lighting lamps) for sites requiring higher vertical (plane) illumination. The installation principle requires the installation principle of site lighting devices with vertical (plane) illumination.
Stadium lighting mainly refers to the lighting of various sports venues, such as football field, tennis court, shooting range, golf course, etc. When selecting lighting equipment, the visual requirements of various movements should be analyzed specifically. For example, shooting range requires high illuminance of shooting target; at the same time, for safety, general lighting with soft light is required between the launching site and the target. In a large stadium, the distance between the spectators and the athletes is large, which requires higher illumination. Although there are not many spectators in the tennis court, due to the fast speed of tennis in the game, the illumination is also high. In addition, the selected lighting equipment should not produce a distracting stroboscopic effect. In stadiums with stands around, lighting equipment is generally installed on four tall towers. This method can avoid glare, but the cost is high. Small scale stadiums generally use low-cost side lights. Eight 12-20 meter high lighthouses can be installed along both sides of the stadium. Metal halide lamps should be used as lighting sources in sports venues.
The outdoor lighting of other buildings includes the lighting of gas station, sales area, billboard, office building and the exterior lighting of factory buildings (see building night lighting).
The outdoor street lamp lighting system is used for outdoor street lighting in general cities, campuses, residential areas, large factories, mines and living areas.

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