LED Strip Lights

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LED Strip Lights

Light strip is another name for light belt, which is a kind of lighting product of LED series.Common appellations are great wall light bar, LED light bar, LED soft light bar, light bar, FPC light bar, etc.

The input voltage of LED light bar is usually 12V DC, and some are 24V.The color of light varies with the color temperature of the light source
When the color temperature is below 3300K, the light color tends to be red to give a warm feeling; it has a stable atmosphere and warm feeling, which is generally called warm color temperature.
The color temperature is between 5000 and 6000K, and people have no obvious visual psychological effect under this tone, and have a refreshing feeling; therefore, it is called "neutral" color temperature.
Color temperature more than 6000K, light color is blue, give people a cool feeling, commonly known as cold color temperature.
In general, 7500k (cold white to blue) / 6500k (neutral white) / 3500K (warm white to yellow).

LED light strip and LED light strip have been widely used in furniture, automobile, advertising, lighting, ship and other industries.
The corner between the glass on the counter top and the glass of the facade, straight line or arc. Applicable occasions: jewelry cabinet, cosmetics cabinet, boutique cabinet, wine cabinet, glassware cabinet, cultural relics display cabinet, medicine cabinet, bar counter, supermarket refrigerated display cabinet, etc

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